Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beerstein Boys Defeat Dreaded Prussians at Alesgarden

Gen der Brigade Lothar von Blutundedonner named Baron von Alesgarden and invested into the Military Order of the Golden Crown, our highest honor awarded to Generals for victory, gallantry, and daring do on the field of battle. Although seriously wounded he will forever be known as "Blutundedonner of Alesgarden." Generaloffizer Mckay and General Picklemany were also invested into the Military Order of the Golden Crown for their gallant conduct which ensured our victory. Major General Adolph Coors offered his resignation after the Grenadier Brigade failed to advance for more than three hours. Reich Duke Wilhelm would have none of it! Just the threat of a fresh Grenadier Brigade weighed heavily on the Prussian Commander's morale as his army was soundly routed. Photos will appear on the Beerstein blog. Enjoy!


Frankfurter said...

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

(any Fries with that?)


Fitz-Badger said...

Wow, we're just being spoiled with photos and battle reports and such! :-)

Frankfurter said...

btw, how did you make that lovely stream feature?


Capt Bill said...

The stream was purchased several years agao at Histocon, but alas they are no longer available.
Best regards...Bill

Byrhthelm said...

His Grace of Hannunter and Britannia concurs with His Grace of Beerstein and permits General der Brigade Lothar von Blutunddonner to accept the honours most graciously bestowed upon him. Further, it accords his Grace Great Pleasure to elevate the said General der brigade to the Nobility of Hannunter with the title Baron von Alesgarten. Further, it affords His Grace of Hannunter Great Pleasure to promote the said General der Brigade Baron von Alesgarten to the Rank of Generalmajor in His Army with effect from 4 July 17..

Given under our hand and seal at Hannunter

Chancellor and Bursar