Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Cardinals At Versailles

Narrator: If the reader will forbearantly beg my pardon, I am about to press the red button on the incredible machine beside me. It has the ability to warp the space-time continuum as I may please. You don't believe me? Well.... Let me first place in the desired date: April 25, 1758. Specific time: 02:00pm. Location: Versailles, Gallia, Earth; specifically the Rectory of Cardinal Richelieu. No, no, the world will not end. You will not feel even the slightest quiver of the planet nor will you see nearly three months of sunrises/sunsets pass in the blink of an eye. As I press the button....
Cardinal Richelieu: "My dear Tradgardland brother in The Faith! I welcome you with ardent friendship and pleasure. Enter. Come in and sit there. Allow me to offer you a glass of Chevert wine."

Cardinal of Tradgardland: "Thank you Your Excellency. I am indeed honored to be welcomed in your country and to be here. Yes, I am in need of refreshment. .... Ah, the best I've tasted in many a year."

Narrator: After discussing issues related to The Church and the unfortunate falling away from The Faith of too many of humankind desiring to pursue immoral lifestyles to their unknowing disadvantage, both turn to the true subject at hand.

Richelieu: "As you know the King desires that his nephew marries. From our previous correspondence I am led to believe your Duke may have a marriageable daughter. However, I perceive she was widowed some months ago.

Cardinal of T: "Yes. We speak of the strikingly beautiful Alisona. Her mourning period should be respectably ended this year. An unfortunate incident in New Tradgardland took her dear husband from her before his time, some might say. However, as we know, there is a season for all things. His winter, so to speak, found him passing into the next life."

Richelieu: "Tragic!"

Cardinal of T.: "Yet Alisona begins a new season for herself and the Duke hopes the same for Tradgardland itself. A marriage with your King's nephew, Lt. Gen. Pierre de Galantier would be a good diplomatic tie between our two nations in these troubled times."

Richelieu: "Galantier is indeed our most eligible young man of means. He served in The Carnatic discombobulating the Britannians there as best he could. Recently he was with the expedition to The Shetlands where he barely missed making Alisona's acquaintance by perhaps no more than a day. Now he is here again, but about to pack to join de Broglie in Germania. Near Frankfurt Am Main if I am not mistaken."

Cardinal of T: "What is our next step my dear Richelieu?"

Richelieu: "Let us ask the young man what he thinks of it all. I am led to believe the portrait of Alisona shown to him before embarking for The Shetlands intrigued him. Not only that though.... He also remarked about her courage to journey and live in The New World where so many mysterious perils exist. If I am not mistaken, he considers her to possibly be energetic, brave and loyal."

Narrator: You see. Nothing happened to your world after I pressed the red button. It only now remains to listen to the words to be spoken by the two Cardinals and Galantier himself. We will meet again soon. Meanwhile, I shall press the green button to reverse polarity and return you to your normal existence. Click.
Votre Serviteur,

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Frankfurter said...

Should either Cardinal decide to ride up to Frankfurter to check on things, I'm sure the Later in the Day Saints will gladly throw an Otto Day Fete for him and the Anglericans a good Fish Fry ...
Of course, we'd probably have to let the Migraine, uh, Margrivane take part in the festivities ....