Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Great Map


I was looking at a new blog, Il Deste Fanto, from a fellow in the Chicago area who has Napoleonics and is thinking of starting an 18th century army.

Anyway he has a link to a wonderful map. Click on any sector and it brings up that sector . . . click again and you see a very large image. The road networks would be wonderful for those who like to use such maps.

I should make you go to his blog (and I hope that you do), but here is the link.



-- Jeff


Capt Bill said...

Awesome map, great for a campaign!

rpardo said...

A big and useful map. I am using it for my Napoleonic 1813 campaign (out of your period, sorry!)

Byrhthelm said...

Marvellous map - but ONW isn't on it! It just doesn't go quite as far North and West :-(

MurdocK said...

Yes, this map was posted by Rafa a few months ago. I used it in planning the game at Jeff's for a 17th Century game.

Great for names and simple topo materials. Certainly good enough for the 17-19th Century.