Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Postings and Appointments

To His Grace, The Reichsherzog von Beerstein

Your Grace,

Please forgive the informality of this brief note, and indeed any impropriety in raising the matter at all.

I have just been informed that my Master, His Grace of Hannunter and Britannia has seen fit to detahc to your service Gen der Brigade Blutunddonner. While in no manner do I suggest that the good general is unfirt for service, I strongly urge that Your Grace do his utmost to prevent any meetings between the General and Our Ambassador to Your Court, Graf von Zelle.

The two gentlemen, although, I repeat, most worthy of their positions, have a history of mutual discord and dislike, and consequently contact between the two should be, where possible, most rigorously avoided. In the case of such meetings being unavoidable, I most strongly suggest that the two gentlemen never be allowed to meet in private.

I apologise, once more, for bringing such a trivial matter to Your Grace's attention.

I remain, Your Grace's Most humble servant.

Given under our hand and seal at Hannunter, this day

Chancellor and Bursar


Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh dear. Now Stagonian agents will be working to thrust them together at any opportunity . . . they are, after all, totally vile (Stagonians, not the two gentlemen).

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Capt Bill said...

Chancellor and Busar

My Dear Wulfwissel.

Gen der Brigade Blutundonner has been conducting training with the army near Szachy. He is off the face the Prussians this very day. A major battle is expected to take place tomorrow near Alesgarten.I will be leaving the capital within the hour with our heavy cavalry to lead the army.The Prussians have deployed in force and I fear a terrorible battle will ensue. Dispatches will be posted after the battle. Pray for our valiant forces.

Your servant,

Fitz-Badger said...

Great name that, "Wulfwissel"! :-)