Thursday, July 10, 2008

out of character

A few embarrassing notes:

First, During one night last week, one of our multitude of cats knocked down the package with my figure for the Scottish battle ... of course, I stepped on it during one of my bathroom trips. Fortunately, the figure survived fine ... but getting a new package made up and into the post office from my isolation will make his arrival for the next battle impossible.
I will still send it, as Bill and Alte Fritz et al have been so kind to me in the past.
Ah well ...

Second, I've tried to find a listing for the key folks and places in Hesse Fedora, as I think it logical for the anti-Gallian resistance to make an attempt to forge diplomatic links there.

Third, given that there are multiple interest groups in Frankszonia, it makes sense that somebody is going to point out to the Gallians that Frankszonia, in spite of providing troops and material for the Gallian effort in supposed loyalty to the Imperium, is constantly fighting against Vile Stagonia, Hesse Hamburg, and other local Gallian / Imperium minor allies. Furhtermore, senior military officers, NCO's, and crack troops all deserted en masse a couple of years ago ... and signed into the Germanian / Hesse Seewald forces. The Burgermasters are going to try to insert a wedge between the Hurtshog and the Intendant Bastille ....
Ought to make for a spicy Frankfurter ...

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Gallia said...


Just because de Broglie left Frankfurt Am Main and has arrived at the Fulda Gap? Not far away....

See post named de Broglie, if you please.

Arthur, you and I have been very quiet. Perhaps we should amp things up before Der Alte and I leave for Historicon.

Votre Serviteur,