Monday, July 28, 2008

Reply to His Eminence von Roskilde

From Georg Franz, unworthy servant of God to the diocese of Kognat to His Eminence the Prince Bishop von Roskilde, greetings and the peace of Christ to you.

Whilst the secular clergy of Kognat are indeed well-acquainted with the abusive casuistry unfortunately coincident with Jesuitical laxism, we are confounded by the persistent threat to the Church in this land of the depredations of the heretical Prinz von Waldreck from making any but the most careful and precise preaching, lest such correction lead to a crisis within the state and the triumph of von Waldreck's apostasy.

We are well aware of those lights within the court of Gallia and other Princes of Christendom who have begun to take steps to curb the arrogance of the black robes, but without their more direct assistance we cannot see a way to the same end ourselves while this imminent threat of dispossession and disgrace to the Church persists.

We are therefore eager to confer with your eminence privily to obtain your guidance on such challenges to our flock.

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