Monday, July 28, 2008

Letter to His Eminence the Prince Bishop von Roskilde

The Kognatdom, the Feast of SS Joachim and Anne, Anno Domini 1758

Georg Franz, unworthy servant of the Lord, to his Eminence Maximilian of Roskilde, grace to you and peace from God our Father.

The words of our Lord are a constant comfort to me in all adversities: "Beati estis cum maledixerint vobis et persecuti vos fuerint et dixerint omne malum adversum vos mentientes propter me."

Whilst your Eminence of Roskilde must be aware that the household of His Grace the Duke of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn is entirely under the guidance and influence of the Society of Jesus, I, God and His Holiness' unworthy servant, welcome the visit to Kognat of any representative of the Holy See.

The canons of the Kognatdom would welcome the opportunity to concelebrate the Feast of the Assumption with your Eminence. It is understood, as well, that the Ducal household plans to offer thanksgiving at the Kognatdom upon the anniversary at that time of their deliverance from the catastrophes surrounding the debut of the Prinzessin Sophie-Vittoria last year.

I must caution your Eminence, though, to exercise the greatest caution while traveling the highways between the Mosel and Kernerfluss. Banditti and highwaymen have become a plague on the countryside since the outbreak of the lamentable war between the armies of his Grace the Duke and the Prinz von Waldreck.

Indeed, a new species of bandit, called by the locals the Chauffeur or Garotteur, after the Gallian fashion, preys upon innocents even in their bedchambers at night, breaking into homes and inns and forcing victims by threats of immolation or strangulation to reveal their treasures.

May God protect you on your journey to our humble diocese; the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.


Andrew said...

loving how this is developing!

A J Matthews said...

Intriguing! And a sad sign of the times when even the clergy are unable to travel without risk.