Thursday, July 31, 2008

Proposed Itinerary for His Eminence von Roskilde

Overland from Roma to Civitavecchia-2 days

By sea
Civitavecchia to Marseilles—3 days

By Coche d'eau
Arles to Lyon by coche d'eau—3 days
Lyon to Chalons sur Saone—2 days
Chalons sur Saone to Montbeliard—1 day

Overland from Montbeliard to Basel—1 day

By Rhein barge
Basel to Kognat via Bad am Bingen—1 day

Arriving on the eve of the Assumption, his Eminence will be greeted by the canons of the Kognatdom for Vespers, prior to the High Mass on the morrow. The balance of the feast day will be in meetings with the Bishop of Kognat and with the Duke's court in attendance with the Ducal household. On the following days, a journey to the Augustine monastery at Kloster will be followed by a meeting with the abbot, as well as a trip to the hospice at Bad Sankt Nikolaus.

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