Thursday, July 10, 2008

A meeting...

After an uneventful voyage the Duc de Padirac and his jaegers have arrived at Leith . They have taken over the White Hart Inn in Edinburgh's Grassmarket. The building was put up around 1740 and is filled with the members of the Legione Tradgardland to bursting point.
The Duc has met up with his old comrade in arms Vonn Bergmann. Vonn Bergmann has been training with his Highlanders and has become acquainted with the art of fencing with the highland broadsword.The two heroes have caught up with the recent events in Scotland and Tradgardland. Time too has been found to talk of their natural philosophical concerns, books being written and artifacts sought.
The members of the Legione have taken the opportunity to clean their rifles and prepare themselves for the battle which will come very soon. Long into the night the good people of Edinburgh hear the singing of Tradgardland folk songs sung by soldiers and peasants since the dawn of the Duchy herself. They tell of golden herring, sweethearts left behind and a green and pleasant land. Their haunting tunes ,on voice and hurdy gurdy, fill the still night air...


ColCampbell50 said...

They will soon be joined by Count Mikhail Pavlov, a nephew of Duke Jakov Alexandrovitch Pavlov, the Duke of Courland. Then the songs will get even wilder as Mikhail teaches them the Cossack drinking songs he learned as a youth in the taverns of Courland.


tradgardmastare said...

sounds great! I feel that Edinburgh will never be the same after all this. What chance do the enemies of the True King against such heroes such as these?
p.s cue for a song to the tune of "The British Grenediers "-
" Some talk of brave vonn Bergmann,of Pavlov and the rest- of Hector and Lysander and such .....
please feel free to finish/continue

Der Alte Fritz said...

Wow, a few bars of The British Grenadiers almost gets me revved up as much as Scotland the Brave.

I'm looking foreward to seeing how well the Tradgarlanders do in the upcoming raid on the government arms depot at (name to be determined - Cardhu perhaps or Drumnadrochit?)

Frankfurter said...

Okay, so they're singing and playing instruments?
This being Edinburgh, how long does it take for some piper to try to accompany them ... and do these Germans pass their morale check when he does?

Der Alte Fritz said...

Count Pavlov and his band of retainers arrived this evening in Edinburgh.

They were entertained by a piping contest between a gentleman known as The Blade and Pipe Major MacLeod.

I am told that Duc Padirac surprised everyone at the inn with his stirring rendition of Oh Flower of Scotland.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Pipe Major Sean MacLeod is not only a master piper, but remember he is also a giant of a man (6'7" tall, 280 pounds of red-headed muscle).

See the May 26th post entitled "A Giant Departs" for a photo.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein