Friday, July 11, 2008

Maj Gen Adolph von Coors to Command the Corps of Observation

Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein appoints Maj. Gen. Adolph von Coors Commander of the Corps of Observation. He will lead this force to the area of Hopsberg, where it is reported the Prussians are again mobilizing. His Corps will consist of the Auerbrau, Carlesberg, Lowenbrau, and Pabst Musketeers; the Landbier Grenadiers and Miller's Lite Grenzers; the Killians Cuirassiers and the Holstein and Isenbeck Hussars; and the Sharp's and Kronenberg's Batteries. Maj. Gen Coors aide will be Major Honking Thirst. Major Honking Thirst has been a valued member of our officer's mess and has proven to be just the sort of man Reich Duke Wilhelm admires. He was invested into the Order of the Goblet upon arrival at court and has been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to face the dreaded Prussians.


Der Alte Fritz said...

The Prussians will no doubt be bringing wagon loads of Rex Pils, Berliner Kindl, and Alte Dessauer brews to distribute to the population.

I am getting thirsty just by reading your announcement.

Frankfurter said...

Ah the excellent Picklemany will have to tear himself away from the enticing Duchess to re-enter the fields of horror ... uh, honor!