Monday, May 26, 2008

A Giant Departs

"Sire, it is true. The giant is leaving Saxe-Bearstein now . . . just before we're to attack Stagonia."

Furst Bruno looked up from his maps, "What? The giant is leaving? For Heaven's sake, why?"

He says that the true king has returned to Scotland . . . and that he'll need a pipe major.

"Doesn't he realize that we could use his strength against Stagonia?"

"Aye, sire. But he says that he's a Scot and that Pipe Major Sean MacLeod will be needed by King Charles more than we'll need him against Koenig Maurice the Vile. . . . Besides, who wants to try and stop a man who stand 6' 7" tall and weighs 'a score of stone'* (whatever that is) without an ounce of fat on him?"

"Hmmm, yes there is that. Well, we'll let him go with our blessings then . . . the ladies will be glad to be rid of his bagpipes anyway. But I imagine that his music will raise the morale of any unit he's with."

"Aye, sire. Either that or the fear that he'll break anyone in two who tries to run."


Yes, it is true. Pipe Major Sean MacLeod is journeying to join the forces of Scotland against the Britannic Usurper. A true giant, he's 34mm tall from ground to crown and should inspire the Scots with his bagpipes.

Also being planned is a Saxe-Bearstein offensive against those vile Stagonians. Rumor has it that June 15 will see action around the town of Wollmitz.

(This will be a thinly disguised battle using the Mollwitz terrain and OB from Charles Grant's "The War Game". We will, however, be using our own forces and my own "Tricorne Wars" rules. So expect photos after mid-June.)

* 'a score of stone'
would be 280 pounds

-- Jeff


Bluebear Jeff said...

*sigh* . . . it is amazing how truly awful a paint job looks when blown up into a large photo.

I'll obviously have to do some touch-up work before I send Pipe Major MacLeod off to Bill and Jim.

Still, he should fit in with the Scots . . . and I think that he should give some sort of morale boost to any unit he's attached to . . . don't you?

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

An excellent way to keep the announcement of the battle 'in character' with the blog!
By all means don't forget the cameras!
PS:'He should give some sort of morale boost to any unit he's attached to.': or a *huge* morale malus to closest opponents: the sound of the bagpipe, you know...

Byrhthelm said...

Just what we needed... another barbarian with hairy ears! But fear not, the stout-hearted lads of His Grace of Cumberland's forces shall pay no heed to his unearthly caterwauling!

tradgardmastare said...

Excellent Morale boosting work- superb recruit to the cause...

Fitz-Badger said...

I know what you mean about photos! (aplies to paint jobs, sculpting, etc.)
Where is the mini from? Is it ones of those old Bloodaxe minis?

The Soweiter League is trying to select a volunteer to represent Saxe-Urquhart in the fight in Scotia...

Bluebear Jeff said...

No, the figure is NOT from Blood Axe. I do not know where it is from.

About 5 or 6 years ago I was looking for some bagpiper figures to fit with a 25mm Scots army.

I ordered samples from a number of manufacturers. This figure was one of them -- but I have no idea from whom at this point -- and it was obviously not my choice for the 25mm army.

As the post suggests, it is a "big" figure. Technically it is about 32mm tall (heel to eyes).

-- Jeff

Jakar Nilson said...

Ha! I have the same mini at home! It's from Reaper- they have (or had- not sure) a range of highlander barbarians.

Frankfurter said...

Ah yes, I'd forgotten about the skirling of the pipes ....
Perhaps we ought to concentrate on sending artillery experts who won't be too dismayed by other sounds ...

Frankfurter said...

everybody most get stoned!
(over 26 here, alas).

BTW, if it's a punitive expedition, I hope you'll share some of the better puns!