Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Should Charles Do?

Now that the possibilities for Prince Charles Stuart of Caledonia are expanding, he is contemplating several courses of action. Should he remain in the Edinburgh area and consolidate his power/grow his army? Should he take out any remaining Hanoverian forts in the Highlands and secure their weapons stashes? Or should he embark on a raid or invasion of the northern counties of Britannia. What do you think?

The next battle will be in early July.


tradgardmastare said...

Go South into the Northern Counties after consolidation/ recruitment in Edinburgh and the highlands. Perhaps Von Bergman could be prevailed upon to write to Tradgardland for reinforcements in the shape of a small unit of Light infantry that would be willing to hold a wood for the True King with their gallant rifles.
I am sure the Norhern Counties will rise for Religion and King....

Frankfurter said...

Frankly, the Scots have usually done poorly once they go south.
I'd see the clearing of the highlands not only necessary to secure the rear but as an integral part of consolidation and recruitment.
Such a move would increase the security of supporters in the region, increasing recruitment and resources.
Also, it should open up several other point through which the continental allies can communicate and reinforce the venture.

BTW, given that the Prince is probably Catholic, and the Scots tend to be Calvinist ... freedom of religion seems like a necessary venue too.

Byrhthelm said...

Send the puir wee laddie hame, afore he gets a skelp on his breeks!

Gallia said...

By the time July is here, I should have extra town walls. (these are on order.) We could do an old school style storm of a town garrison. Blow up the walls. Scaling ladders. Dice off with miniatures fighting miniatures individually. We used to do this a lot with Drums of War Along The Mohawk when we stormed frontier stockades. These will work in Scotland too. This way the July battle might not count against the Prince should he lose. I'd say that would be okay.
Just a thought.

tradgardmastare said...

your ideas for the siege/ town wall game sounds inspirational! I really look forward to seeing it on your table and reading the battle reports.

Der Alte Fritz said...

That's an interesting idea Bill. We could have the Jacobites laying seige to a Government garrison at either Inverness (Fort George) at the northern end of the Great Glen or Fort William, at the lower end of the Great Glen. Their objective could be to eliminate the threat to the rear while at the same time scoring vast quantities of fire arms and powder etc.

Or if we wanted to do a real seige game, the London War Room has those fast play rules that they used at the SYWA convention. Those looked like a lot of fun.

Fitz-Badger said...

I agree with staying north, consolidating and recruiting and securing the north first.

Bluebear Jeff said...

By all means, clean out the Highland forts . . . you don't want to leave the enemy in the rear.

Arthur has it right.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

At the outset of such an event the FIRST victory needs to be capitalized upon. News of the victory can also be carred as the 'clearing' process is done...thus garnering more fresh recruits for the inevitable response from Londra...