Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do Ye Wish To Join The Rising?

The Duchy of Tradgardland has sent a representative of its country to join the Stuart cause in Caledonia. We have a Colonel von Bergmann in the ranks of the Jacobites (shipped to the States by Alan). It occurs to me that others in the EvE world might like to paint up a single character (mounted or on foot) and send them to us here in the USA so that the figures can fight in our table top battles.

So whether you support The King Across the Water or stand fast with Hanoverian George, please feel free to paint a character (for either side) and send him to me or Bill and we will place the figure in the rest of our Jacobite Campaign games. So become an honorary clan regiment chief or an honorary colonel in one of the Government regiments by sending in your painted figure. All figures will return to their home countries after the conclusion of the campaign.

The next game in the campaign will be in early July, so there is still plenty of time to join the rebellion or help to crush it.

I am currently working on a 30 figure regiment in the Atholl Brigade of Lowlanders and new recruits are flocking to the Prince's banner after news of the great victory at Prestonpans.


MurdocK said...


What a cool idea!

Worthy of a response from all quarters I'd wager.

Fitz-Badger said...

hmm, I might have to send one of the younger sons of Saxe-Urquhart...

tradgardmastare said...

Are you interested in a small contingent of Tradgardland jaeger to offer some light infantry skill and rifled fire-power to the True King? Perhaps the Duc de Padirac could oblige in person....

abdul666 said...

Will Milady de Winter and Lady Pettygree make a cameo appearance?
Or will they be too busy, spying, speading rumours and possibly poison in the enemy HQ?

Der Alte Fritz said...

I can not speak for Lady Pettigree, but I can confirm that Milady de Winter is always willing to hire out to the highest bidder.

I understand that she has made a few visits to Tradgardland, with unfortunate results for those who came in contact with Milady and her henchmen.

Frankfurter said...

Well, Frankszonia would have to send someone ... with a few barrels of our superior franks so that folks won't be forced to live on haggis and scones!
Which has given me another thought ... I was thinking along similar lines to Tragardland ... I'd love to see how some of the figures I'd painted up fare in wargame with real players ...
Perhaps we might come up with a "small contingent" concept which could be positioned as one ersatz battalion ... and shipped from game to game?

BTW, Revel plastic (I have some mounted officers now) or Minden miniatures dismounted officer preferred?

Gallia said...

Misc. Information:
1. I concur with Der Alte's offer, that members here may and should send personalities, etc. for combat in The Rising. Splendid idea! When will they commence arriving, I ask?
2. Lady Pettygree is the daughter of Britannian General Pettygree (retired). The family supported an older Jacobite Rebellion. The General lives on the Channel Island of Pettygree close by the Cotentin Peninsula. Lady Diana ofcourse you have read about here and at OSW for the past two plus years. She resides mostly in Versailles and has some sort of a relationship with the Gallian Foreign Ministry as a light-hearted courtier sometimes useful in diplomatic endeavors. For some reason the mysterious and dark Lady de Winter has it "out for her."
3. Is anyone at all amused that I am commanding Britannian soldiers in this campaign? I feel rather inside out. I wanted it that way so I could command my old Stadden and Willie Brits. and so Der Alte could command his Jacobites. What fun! Really! Oh and especially since I landed reinforcements for the Pretender! It doesn't have to make sense. Fun here is all that matters and that's okay with me 100%.
Votre Serviteur, err, I mean,
Your Humble and Obedient servant,

abdul666 said...

"Milady de Winter is always willing to hire out to the highest bidder"
I was under the impression that Milady de Winter has a very requiring employer (holding her son as hostage or something) - and thus can act as "free lance' only on here spare time.

Then, seemingly 'free' mercenaries can actually be agents of undercover diplomacy. For decades, Monte-Cristan Robert de Nard and his band of French-speaking 'uglies' have been fighting battles and training 'modern' units for potentates all around Africa: the general belief is they had *always* done so in King Louis 'unofficial' service.


Frankfurter said...

Umm ...
An address to which the figure could be posted?
Scale (again for me it's Revell Plastics for mounted types and a Minden Miniature for dismounted).

Der Alte Fritz said...

Send any miniatures to my caretaker at ye olde manor house at the following address:

Jim Purky
67 W. Mallard Lane
Lake Forest, IL 60045

He will see that the personalities make it to the appropriate army.