Monday, May 19, 2008

The Prince's Troop Depot

For anyone wishing to send a personality figure to fight in the Jacobite Rebellion, either for Caledonia or Britannia, then send them to my agent at the following address:

Der Alte Fritz *
67 W Mallard Lane
Lake Forest, IL 60045

*insert my correct name, I just don't want it posted all over the internet forever


Frankfurter said...

I've been thinking,
(don't worry)
Since this will be single figures ...
and since you guys tend to use fairly large scale figures,
(by my feeble standards)
I'll zing up one of my Minden Miniatures figures ... IF I've got an ossifider with his sword still intact!

Bluebear Jeff said...

See the next post. I'll be sending in a bagpiper . . . so he's pretty obviously destined for the Scots.

-- Jeff