Thursday, May 22, 2008

A letter to the Duc de Padirac in the Duchy of Tradgardland

My Dear Friend ,

I trust this finds you in excellent health

. I write this letter from the summit of Arthur's Seat . I can see the ships within the Firth of Forth and I dream of the day I sail from Leith to the Duchy once more. Yet there are tasks to be accomplished here before I can return. You have , no doubt, heard about the great victory in these lands of recent weeks . Yet I do not think it will be too long before we are called upon to fight once more. The sun shines upon this fair city of Edinburgh yet I remain vexed for the True King. He has many loyal and brave men fighting yet lacks the presence of jaeger to hold the woods and to scout before the army.

And so ,my dear Duc, I write asking you to send a detachment of the Legione Tradgardland, across the water to Edinburgh. We need woodsmen and jaeger - men who are of good courage and eye armed with rifles- air or gunpowder. Please reflect upon all I have said. Greet your wife and family warmly from me .

God speed your reply

Vonn Bergman


Der Alte Fritz said...

The Prince and Lord George Murray would undoubtedly appreciate help from any and all corners. I would imagine that the Britannian Channel Fleet will be less vigilant after their recent victory over the Gallian fleet. Thus a small vessel or two stand a good chance of slipping through the patrols unnoticed.

abdul666 said...

Are these Jaeger the unit trained by rangers and Indian allies from Ny Tradgarland?
Did some of the 'military advisors' stay behind and are still part of the unit?
Just curious...