Thursday, January 1, 2009

A letter to the Rulers of Europa...

To all Rulers of Europa,New Year greetings on behalf of my Master The Duke of Tradgardland!
I am requested to convey to you that ,following the tragic demise of the late Colonel of the !st Tradgardland Infantry Regiment during a hunting accident upon the Feast of St Stephen, a vacancy has occurred for the position as Colonel of the aforementioned regiment. Interested parties are invited to write to his Grace the Duke directly stating the money they are willing to pay, experience of the Military Arts they possess and sundry autobiographical details as seen to be necessary. The Duke Himself will select the fortunate candidate upon the Feast of the Epiphany-6th January1759.Whereupon the gentleman will asked to present himself in the Duchy directly.
Hans Riietmeyer, private secretary
By order of Duke Karl Frederick

p.s it is hoped that the lucky gentleman will provide a mounted figure ( on loan of course) to represent himself upon the tabletop in battles betwixt Tradgardland and Saschen-Vindow during the coming year...


MurdocK said...

Miecek Duda.

Served as Adjutant Major to Oglolny of Mieczyslaw.
Primarily concerned with the preparation of feasts and celebration events.
Conducted many musical symphonies, composed a few (really bad ones).
Most noted on the battlefield for inspiring other junior officers to take the needed actions of the day; usually in a very loud and boisterous manner.

He truly lives 'up' to his name!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

What scale? I would be willing to paint up a figure if Jean Louis did the background. I think you should coax one of your enemies to switch sides, like Benidict Arnold.

Herzog Ignaz said...

Herzog Ignaz seeks a command opportunity to further cultivate the highly promising Maj. Andreas Trimbach, lately commander of the heroic Obersaynische garrison during the siege of Festung Dolmen.

Maj. Trimbach has been invested in the Order of St. Ignaz for his valourous and intrepid action during the defence, and, now recovered from his injuries, merits greater preferment than the current command structure of the Herzogerheer can provide.

Herzog Ignaz said...

While Maj. Trimbach's family itself is of straitened circumstance, Herzog Ignaz is of sufficient confidence to proffer the sum of 25,000 pfalzthalers, the customary cost of a colonelcy of infantry in the Herzogerheer, on behalf of Maj. Trimbach.

East Riding Militia said...

To my Lord the Duke of Tradgardland,
Greeting from my master,His Grace Lord Heinrich von Wolfenbuttel.
His Grace begs leave to send his eldest son Heinrich to join with your great army in any capacity which you deem fitting. He believes that Heinrich will benefit greatly from the association.