Monday, January 5, 2009

Har and Humph !

Okay, just to make quite a bit clearer here ...
I've had fun with proxy games, but there's been nothing this fall.
I figure the Events and the Texas big battalion game swallowed everybody's attention.
But now we need to get some more actions going ...
Since Ludwig of Stagonia hasn't clearly started anything yet,
I'd volunteer to have a boundary dispute with the Kingdom of St. Maurice, Unter Grufthunsen (I still can't remember how to spell that right ... next time I'll remember to write it down) or even an ecclsiastical row with somebody (since I've got folks resident of all kinds, their local heresies could be used as an excuse)
just to get the action going.

If I get to feeling better, I'd even love to resolve a struggle for somebody else in a month or two. Unfortunately, the Doctors haven't cleared me for the March trip to the convention yet (sigh).

Meanwhile, the idea of sending figures to participate in each other's campaigns (espeically when a good portrait artist can make pictures) seems to have caught on, and I hope expands ... it'd be a way of knitting together our cyber community even more.



Prinz Geoffrey said...

Hear, hear good fellow!!

Bluebear Jeff said...

We in Saxe-Bearstein have heard rumors that the vile Stagonians might join with Zichenau by attacking Stollen from the north.

Of course we've also heard some ridiculous rumor that Ludwig will be giving up his throne to go be the boy-toy for some Duchess . . . so who knows what is really going on in the mind of Ludwig the Mad?

He might try another attack on Tipplebruder . . . or even attack Frankszonia . . . our only guess is that he won't remain peaceful for long.

-- Jeff