Wednesday, January 7, 2009

News From Hesse Seewald

(Munden, Hesse Seewald) January 7, 1759

The Munden Times has learned of a remarkable discovery today, by a
Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Tippelbroder, of an important document
that may have far reaching effects on the Duchy of Hesse Seewald.

Friar Aelred Glidden discovered an old parchment in the abbey's
archives indicating that the ancesterial lands of the House of Seewald
were never incorporated into the Holy Roman Empire. This means that the
County of Munden, owned by the von Seewald family since 1156 AD, is not
under the jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Munden Times editorial board speculates that the Herzog Georg
Ludwig I may emulate the House of Brandenburg and declare himself "King
in Hesse Seewald" at some future date. While other land holdings of the
Herzog lie within the boundaries of the HRE, the exclusion of the
County of Munden leave the Herzog free to take any title of his choice.
Could our country soon become The Kingdom of Hesse-Seewald?

In a related story, the Munden Times confirmed reports that our Herzog Georg Ludwig plans to move his court to the larger, and more central, city of Gotha. The citizens of Saxe-Gotha, whose domains passed on to the House of Seewald following the untimely death of Herzog Karl V, are excited to have the seat of government in their fair city.


Stagonian Jeff said...

Hopefully we will soon see the brave 'green coats' of your Imagi-Nation in full battle array.

Looking forward to those photos.

-- Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

Dear Vile One: More Minden uniform examples have been posted on my blog this evening. The green coated fusilier can be seen now.

abdul666 said...

An exciting development indeed!
Hail the new... King?

Herzog Ignaz said...

It is good to be the King.

A J Matthews said...

The Dukedom is dead, long live the Kingdom!

ColCampbell50 said...

Markgraf Friedrich of Carpania is delighted to hear the encouraging news about his ally.

Long live the soon-to-be Konig and death to the Gallians and the Imperium!


Gallia said...

I heard - umm - read that Col. Campbell!
Hey! LoooOOOK!! What's that behind your ear?


Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!
But seriously Jim (Col. Campbell), are you attending the SYW Show?
Respectfully yours,

Frankfurter said...

A monk at TippleBruder, eh?
Frankszonian agents are investigating whether the forgery is quality work, and if so, if the forger can be kept on retainer ...

abdul666 said...

Tippelbruder? If the abbey's
archives are rich in such documents, it would explain why Brother James came there several times from Wittemberg. It would perhaps give the true incentive of the Stagonian attempt to seize the town. It would mean that other Powers -some far more dangerous than Stagonia- have an eye on the city...

abdul666 said...

Henceforward we’ll have to carefully distinguish between Gross Hesse-Seewald under King Frederick and Alt Hesse-Seewald under King (?) Georg Ludwig.

Will Georg Ludwig, now a fully independant ruler, prove to be equally intellectually independant, and build the experimental war balloons he has been dreaming of for years?