Thursday, January 8, 2009

A letter ( heavily scented in the extreme) to the King of Stagonia

Your Majesty
I am part way through my journey to be with you. Our stars are in the ascendant. Together we are destined to rule in Stagonia,Saschen-Vindow and beyond. I pledge my love and loyalty to you. I ask for you to send an escort for me in order to hasten my arrival and offer me protection for my final leg of the journey. I shall be at " Crooked Kobold " inn just outwith the borders of Stagonia. I will await your reply at your soonest convenience.
Your loving Duchess


Prinz Geoffrey said...

I wonder if this letter was written prior to the involvement of the bandit escort. I hope nothing dangerous happens during the Duchess' ride. No! I want a chase and daring escape!!!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I wonder what her estranged husband the Duke knows or is doing about her activities and her journey?

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

A quick gander at the map shows that she will have to pass through the are of operations for Cut-me-own-throat Dilber, who will be happy to supply her and her secret escort with provisions ....

abdul666 said...

So direct! But Stagonian rulers are not renowned for subtlety.

Among the servants maids in the Stagonian Palace one is seen by the others as a little crazy, for the pigeons she keeps in her small garrel chamber. Now she is fixing a little piece of parchment to the bird's leg while humming "Lord Randall my son".

abdul666 said...

We all know in Monte-Cristo the old barbarian epic ending with "I'll make her a queen in Aquilonia!".
But if the Duchess believes Ludwig will make her a queen in Stagonia, she is -surprisingly- a naive and innocent young thing.