Thursday, January 29, 2009

Diplomatic Report from Cavenderia

To his Soveriegn Majesty Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein,

Am happy to report that I have arrived safely at your cousin's court. Although our party arrived in the pitch of night, his Lordship's advisor, Herr Detlev Eberhardt, greeted us with much warmth and civility. Upon a days rest I was called upon to present your lord's official papers to Prinz Geoffrey. The Prinz inquired about your lordship and the current state of Beerstein, thanked us for our service and provided us with a private secretary for dictation, errands and such. If I may be so bold, the Prinz seemed somewhat distracted during our encounter. This was by no means a slight to Beerstein, as the Prinz conducted himself in a most gracious manner, but there was a palpable mood of anxiousness about the court. After a few nights of receptions and discussion, I was informed that a courier from Saxe-Bearstein had delivered some unsettling news to the court only moments prior to my presentation of papers. I will look further into this matter and report what I can in future correspondence.

As always your devoted servant,

General Graf Joffery von Slitz

Pictured above: General Slitz, Painted by Capt. Bill, delivered to Cavenderia via U.S.P.S. thanks,

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Capt Bill said...

Glad to see our Ambassador arrived safely. We hope he will be a credit to your court. Best regards, Wilhelm von Beerstein