Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frankfurters on the Boil, Again!

Frankfurters on the Boil Again!

After a muted celebration of the minor victory at Ginnheim, the Burger Masters are concerned with the closeness of the Hesse Seewald army. While Marshal Broglie’s forces are still extremely strong, there is no escaping the fact that the Seewald generals have had a string of successes. Given the strong anti-Gallian and anti-Imperial sentiments among parts of the population (especially the Anglericans), the situation is very unstable. The town leaders are grateful that the anti-Gallian resistance and the odiferous Cheezers are retreating!

An angry deputation, however, has come to the Intendant Bastille. They are supported by an irate crowd in the streets. Ragged refugees have arrived in Sachsenhausen across the bridge. Raiders from St. Maurice are ravaging farmsteads in the southern forests! The Frankszonian landholders demand Gallian action to control this insidious backstabbing which is so similar to the Stagonian vileness!

Once again, the Militia drums are beating and forces are being led south by the flamboyant Marquis d’ Hottatrot. The Hurtshog is racing back to the city with his Guard corps and some other troops.

While Col. Brattman is dispatched to the Kingdom of St. Maurice with an angry protest, l’Comte d’Beauphaup has all merchants from St. Maurice called into the palace. “Due to the current outrages, murders, and devastation occurring in the Teuische Heeren Waldt,” he announces, “all assets of subjects of the Kingdom of St. Maurice are being appropriated at this time.”
After the outraged protests of the merchants have been somewhat stilled by the cocking of the gendarmes’ carbines, he continues, “your property may be redeemed by ransom, and anything not dispersed during this emergency will be returned when proper reparations are obtained from your King. In the meantime, it is highly advised that you depart Frankszonian territory by nightfall.”

This brings more protests, as the roads south are now closed by Frankszonian troops. Beauphaup, however, points out that Offenbach is but a few hours ride away on the south bank of the Main and would be an excellent refuge. The skeptics in the group are also grimly aware that the Soweiter League and Frankszonia have become very friendly since the Tipple Bruder affair.

The farsighted in Frankfurter’s church steeples can discern plumes of smoke rising above the wooded hills a long way to the south .....

(Note: by and large, the place names used here are actual places near Frankfurt ... we’re hoping to generate a new proxy game ... arising from the fact that the zombie outbreak in St. Maurice is in an area close to the Frankszonian territory).

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