Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Place to Report

A moment of your time gentle readers while we step out of character.

With my project list for 2009 I wanted a site to post reports on in a simple to follow manner. Blogger does not give quite enough control, so a web site was called for! Having got the basic site set up, admitedly with no content as yet, it struck me that many interesting conflicts are being waged through our imagi-nations. If you are reporting one on your blog and want to put it on the site in an easy to follow format, send me an email and I will put you on as a contributor.



I now rerturn you to your usual programs.


Bluebear Jeff said...

One conflict that immediately comes to my mind is that surrounding the Duchess seeking Koenig Ludwig of Stagonia.

The scenario is to be fought out at the SYWA convention (in March I think). The basic summary of what has been suggested is detailed on the January 11 post here entitled "Duchess & Factions Scenario".

I don't recall if it was Der Alte Fritz or Gallia that suggested it for the SYWA Con . . . but those who are going to game it out have some decisions to make . . . and posts here on EvE quickly get superseded by new ones . . . so putting the information on your site might make for a good "clearing room".

-- Jeff

East Riding Militia said...

That was exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about, along with battle reports such as thoat posted by Stokes.
As I saisd, the space is there people just need to ask