Sunday, January 25, 2009

Frederick the Great's Birthday

The grand review of the regimental flags of the Prussian army.

Yesterday, January 24th, was the anniversary of King Frederick II of Prussia's birthday. I had not forgotten the date, but I simply did not have my wargame table cleared off in time to hold the annual review of the army by the King. So instead, I copied an idea from the Funcken Lace Wars book and set up a photo shoot showing the parade of the regimental standards. I had to leave 3 of the standards out due to limited table space. However, this gives a nice representation of the same picture in the Funcken book.

Please visit my blog for even more pictures of the review of the standards.


abdul666 said...

A nice idea, and for how it turned out: "Wow!"

Capt Bill said...

What a wonderful remembrance if the great man. Well done!