Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grand Map # 7

Somehow, I missed the wonderful achievement on the Duchy of M (oops, I didn't write it down and can't spell the Slavic). The work was done last August, so I figure it's already out of date some.
Given the incredible intermingling of holdings in the era, however, this is a great achievment as a generic map.
But ...
Of course, Stagonian Jeff and I are always open to some sort of scuffle.
The Soweiter League's St. Maurice would include Offenbach on the Main, the site of the contretemps way back when ... but Frankfurt / Frankszonia has considerable holding south of the Main as well as to the north up to the Nidda River (more on that later). Perhaps some territorial squabble with either Ubber or Unter Gruntshofen (spell again?)or with the Soweiter League?
Given that Frankszonia is officially "Catholic" and actually quite "Protestant" some kind of tensions could be invented there?
given that both Frankszonia and the Soweiter League are very commercially oriented, some sort of squable about fees and tarrifs?
Nothing lethal in any of these cases, more just a trial by combat among otherwise friendly entities?


Bluebear Jeff said...


I hope that this means that your health has improved and you're feeling much better.

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Yes, I am feeling better now.
Thanks for asking ... reminds me of how his cyber community has become true friends.
I haven't been able to do much with my figures for several weeks, though I did get a short game in (I didn't think it was going to be so short until a sudden collapse of the Cheezer Dragoons impelled their retirement).
Next week, the wife is going to help me dig out the figures (I promised to send one to somebody) and start painting again ... it was actually too painful to lean back and forth to put paint on the brush for some time!

Still unbelievably weak, but feeling alive, Thanks Be!


MurdocK said...

Well I had thought that the Österreich Über Alles might bring in some 'bigger' proxy activity since the 'Emperor (Empress)" is supposed to be would think with a name like Emperor vs Elector?

The 2009 period sees me chasing more Napoleonic action than tricorne ones, however those open sundays that are available for games I will use as such...provided there are suitable combattants.