Sunday, January 11, 2009

Suspended animation...

Gentlemen I am amazed at all the comments at the previous post. I propose the following-
1. The game be indeed played out at the swya meeting in March.
2. The storyline involving the relations betwixt Tradgardland and Saschen-Vindow be put into suspended animations until the sywa convention - after which I will post the next installments to the latest posting on my two relevant blogs.
3. I will post domestic or hobby/painting posts only til then - nothing that affects the big storyline.
I ,as ever await your reactions with interest...


Martin said...

Huzzah!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing how this gets resolved. As far as miniatures go, that clever rogue Mack has seen to it that the Pilfering FreiHussars are in disguise, so any ol' scum-type Light Cavalry will do on the tabletop. (This way Colonel Count Rotten von Pilfering has plausable denyability if things don't go according to plan.)

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Questions that need answers ver.1.0

How many factions 4?
Can someone list them from the other posts?
Who will be at the SYW convention and can bring things?
Where would we mail something if can not attend?
Should we start a yahoo group for this specific scenario or communicate through these posts?
Will the action take place within the Inn and countryside or start outside the Inn?
Will all factions need mounted and dismounted or just one or the other?
How many men/women per faction?
Random events tables generated by the immaginative Jean Louis might be fun.
Rules sets that immediatley spring to mind are GW Mordheim modified, they are free on the net and very simple or Brother vs. Brother with some modifications.
Finally, I volunteer to paint the Duchess, let me know if we all prefer her in highwayman dress so I can order an appropriate mini or the use the black scorpion governor's daughter. I could also build the Inn if actions will take place within it, however I have no furnishings. Looking forward to it.

tradgardmastare said...

Sadly I can't make the syw convention- too far from Scotland...
I really look forward to seeing how it flows and reading about the plans of those who will play. I too, Prinz Geoffrey have been thinking of Mordheim rules in the world of EvE of late. I would be interested in sharing thoughts with you upon this matter. I do not know the system inside out but think it has potential.
It is great you have volunteered to paint the Duchess for us all - many thanks .
p.s the inn sounds fab too! I lookforward to photos being posted here late March...

Frankfurter said...

Surely you won't leave the love struck princess wandering in the snow awaiting her Frenchie?
Nor leave us dangling as to the off beat idea perhaps shared by the rulers of Tragardland and the other duchy??

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Mordheim is set up for a warband of about 10-20 members basically the leader, a couple of subordinates and henchmen. Same mechanic as all GW games, very simple. I will review the rules and see if I can come up with some mods. However, others may find a better rules set.

Stagonian Jeff said...

I will not be able to make the convention either (too far away) . . . but I think that the question of rules most properly belongs to those who WILL be there.

Nevertheless, suggestions are a good thing.

-- Stagonian Jeff

Prinz Geoffrey said...

I will be there. Huzzah!!

East Riding Militia said...

If I may suggest a set of rules.
Mayhem:Warring Nations from Two Hour Wargames would fit the bill very well. And is available as a free download.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Will check them out.


abdul666 said...

Tradgardmastare: a good opportunity to remind us of the Shetlands situation, to tell us of events in Ny Tradgarland... OK, it's the deep of winter, but in the Nicobar the weather is still fair?