Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Greetings from Scotland..

It is Hogmany 1758 in Edinburgh Town. Von Bergmann and the Duc de Padirac are dining together in the company of their troops and other volunteers from Europa. The giant piper has entertained all for some time and now sits down and stares into his beer in a melancholy manner. The Clock chimes midnight and the merry company toast each other,their loved ones back home and their Masters near and far! They wonder what lies before them in the Europa of 1759. Loud cheering echos around the Grassmarket and all lose themselves in the next course of Mrs Miggins sumptuous banquet...

Just taking this chance ( amidst coughs and colds... ) to wish all of you and your nearest and dearest a Happy Hogmany! May it be a great one for you all- be it 2009 or 1759!

Best Wishes


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Bluebear Jeff said...


Thank you for including Pipe Major Sean MacLeod (my giant piper) in your post.

May you too have a most happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.

-- Jeff