Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BYOB to 26th Annual 2009 SYWA Show

The 26th Annual Seven Years War Convention
March 20th and 21st 2009
At the Holiday Inn Downtown, South Bend Indiana
It is time to consider setting aside time/resources to attend as a:
1. Participant
2. Game Judge
3. Vendor
4. Imagi-Nation Leader for a BYOB, bring your own brigade, game.
Earmark this site for updates please:
Organizers: Randy Frye and Mike Taber (good guys!)
Games: Friday/Saturday.
Lots of Old/Middle/New School
SYW stuff to buy
Attendees from across the USA and once in a while from the UK.
Guest Speaker: Christopher Duffy
Please mark your calendars soon, get the time off from work and plan
to be there.


Ed Youngstrom said...


Oh, do tell!!

Ed v. H-F

tradgardmastare said...

Sounds great!

Frankfurter said...

Is there a near by outfit a tad cheaper than Holiday Inn?

Anonymous said...


I believe all of the hotels within walking distance (Several Blocks) will be more expensive then the Holiday Inn. (From memory which may be wrong, I can not remember names but I do remember they where major chains.)

I know of people that has used hotels dot com to get a cheaper place in South Bend, however this was done in the last week before the convention. However they had to drive back and forth and then find parking, it was a couple of miles away.

Priceline can also be used but I believe you have to pay when you book the hotel with that service.