Friday, December 19, 2008

one of the "official" Frankszonian epigrams on Stagonian Succession

Oh Ludwig the Luddite has ascended to his throne.
A DeVile he is, Flesh and corruption and bone.
His Accession was quiet,
Perhaps due to diet
OF Which Maurice was so fond, he’s gone beyond alone.


Bluebear Jeff said...

While we in Saxe-Bearstein find amusement in your limericks, be warned that the vile Stagonians may not.

After all, there is still very bad blood between you from before the Tipplebruder campaign.

Wasn't it at the Battle of Offenbach (ostensibly between Frankszonia and the Soweiter League) that Stagonia first joined battle with your forces?

Beware of Koenig Ludwig's unreasoned wrath . . . he may again send forces against you.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Byrhthelm said...

Strikes me that your little old would go quite well to the music of "Lillibulero"!

Well done, I say, Sir.

Stagonian Jeff said...

Just to point out a glaring error in your "poem".

Maurice did not go on beyond alone. Four other members of the Royal Family died of the poison. The Koenig survived the poison for several months before he finally committed suicide.

Frankfurter said...

My dear Ludwig,
Since King Maurice survived the poison, we had assumed that he himself had been the actual author of the Vile deed himself. His suicide might have been in remorse for such a deed had he not been a d'Vile himself.

Even so, we did conduct an investigation to be sure that none of Cut-me-own-throat Dilber's products had been involved. Our internal affairs always assume such when any difficulty of an aliamentary nature arises.

Indeed, our beloved Hurtshog himself has just been released from medical facilities from a severe problem in order to observe his family's festivities.

L'Comte d'Beauphaup