Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cher Alisona de Tradgardland,

A letter to Her Royal Highness, Alisona of Tradgardland

Cher Alisona de Tradgardland,

In the year now passing, fate intervened preventing our liason. It is said and I believe it, that God smiles kindly at the plans of His children for we cannot predict the future. Oh, we may know the next moment almost surely and we may possibly safely predict a little deeper into the future. But to say that a certain moment, months into our future will find us in each other's company is a kind of arrogance about the plans of the Almighty. Therefore, I beg to hope this letter will suffice to convey my genuine enchantment with you, about you, for you and thereby add to your certainty about my heart that I hope was not broken to pieces by our inability to meet in 1758/2008.

Are you as saddened as me by the merest of hours that separated us in The Shetlands? Upon our Gallian amphibious landing I discovered you had taken a fishing boat for home to avoid the dreaded insurgency. Though it collapsed with a whimper, you were right to protect Your Royal Highness and your parent's hearts by your departure.

Be not sad, if I may suggest it, if you are sad because I am constant in my mind but moreover within my heart about you. My Uncle Louis, who is also my King, has not granted permission to me to withdraw from my duties at Frankfurt Am Main to seek you in your homeland. I beg to hope you will understand my duties here in this turbulent area of Mars can not and must not be abandoned.

However, may I beg the forbearance of your parents to suggest that you come to Versailles in the first months of the new year? It is perhaps too extraordinary to ask you to come here. However, I am assured of leave early in the new year. The Court will naturally welcome you with delight.

Meanwhile I humbly await your reply as I ardently remain,
Votre très humble et obéissant serviteur,
Pierre l'Duc de Galantier
Lieutenant General
Frankfurt Am Main


Bluebear Jeff said...

A love letter? Or a move with dynastic ambitions?

Who knows . . . it could be both . . . but how will the widow react to it?

We will wait and see.

tradgardmastare said...

Alisona ponders long into the night over her reply...
In the letter she writes of her affection for the author of the recent letter and her earnest desire to travel as mentioned in his letter. She also assures of the author that she earnestly desires to meet him too.
Her heart has been greatly warmed by the letter she recieved...