Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The King is Dead"

The death of Koenig Maurice du Vile of the Kingdom of Stagonia has been confirmed.

He has been succeeded on the throne by his cousin, Koenig Ludwig du Vile (pictured at left).

For more news, readers are urged to visit the official news of the Kingdom of Stagonia, which has many more details.

What this will mean for other Uropean imagi-nations is not known. Koenig Maurice was very meddlesome until a few months ago . . . will Koenig Ludwig continue this policy? Or will he take a more moderate path?

Only time will tell


ColCampbell50 said...

I wonder if he will be called "Mad" King Ludwig after his downtime namesake from Bavaria?


tradgardmastare said...

The King is dead , long ( or perhaps short) live the King!
We shall watch this exciting (is that the word) development for Europa with interest, not to mention fear and loathing!

Bluebear Jeff said...

My guess is that it will be "fear and loathing". Rumors that young Ludwig is fond of mutilation and torture have circulated for years.

We in Saxe-Bearstein are not at all sure that having Ludwig on the throne is any sort of improvement at all.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

David said...

David Linienblatt confesses to a certain satisfaction that that wicked monarch is no more - but sadly his successor sounds as bad. Oh well... I suppose they do come from the same unpleasant stable so it's not entirely surprising.

If he's fond of mutilating and torturing himself, that might be an improvement, though, and keep him out of mischief. :-)


Prinz Geoffrey said...

Tre tragic, one would hope the transition of power comes without rebellion or civil war.

A J Matthews said...

Quite an astonishing turn of events! It seems vile Stagonia will be in turmoil for a time and unable to interfere in the affairs of others.

Frankfurter said...

An Extemporaneous Effusion on the Passing of King Maurice DeVille

(Note: Frankszonian officials insist that this broadsheet which appeared on the doors of some local taverns does not accurately represent any of the poetic tributes offered at the official “Drink to That” event ... though they can’t seem to find anybody who remembers those very clearly ....)

Old King Maurice of Stagonia is dead now, alas!
Pity their girls of their working nights class:
Who must now half their prices
For duration of the crisis.
For what species will King Fred prefer in His bed?

Mad Maurice, alas, has horribly died.
Stagonia insists that it Was a suicide.
Of Course that is true,
For surely, just like you,
New King Fred is sadly aware of how he tried!

Stagonian nights must be terribly depraved.
Their Kings have become so sickly and afraid,
So filled with depravity
They catch their decaptivity
With bracelets behind so shiny and engraved.

In other news ....

Though the court does not wish to start the Witch Hysterias anew, it has taken notice of the purported activities of the recently ascended King Frederick De Vile of Stagonia.
As a consequence, we are recruiting specialists from the Rabbinate and also will encourage quarterly competitions in composing and painting distelfinks ... (probably spelt wrong ... those are the colorful, kaleidoscopic patterns used by the “Pennsylvania Dutch” and their German forbears to attract good spirits and drive off bad ones).

Frankfurter said...

"official notice of Stagonian succession by Frankszonian burgers"

Oh Ludwig the Luddite has ascended
to his throne.
A DeVile he is, Flesh and corruption and bone.
His Accession was quiet,
Perhaps due to diet
OF Which Maurice was so fond, he’s gone beyond alone

MurdocK said...

No worries, Du Vile has had his comuppance on the battlefield at least once!