Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Feast and Foolishness

“What a magnificent day”, Geoffrey thought as he received the messenger from Beerstein. The courier from Beerstein presented a gravity defying bow and quipped, “my lord Duke Wilhelm bade me deliver this to your royal person.” The Prinz flashed his cherubic smile and accepted the leather satchel ornamented with the twin-griffon crest of Beerstein visible in gold leaf. “We gladly accept this most promising message”, said the Prinz. “Give this man a stout drink and food”, the Prinz ordered. Turning his back the Prinz said, “I will read this correspondence in private, await here so that I may give you return correspondence”. Geoffrey eagerly cut the wax seal from the envelope and held the letter up to the light.

Dear Cousin,

Having received word of the barbarous threat of the Dey and possessing knowledge of Cavenderia’s difficulties in maintaining a proper fleet, from our familial correspondence, I have used my considerable influence to persuade her majesty to dispatch the Imperial Sea Lord’s squadron to your coast. We also are pleased to inform our cousin of the mobilization of our military and formation of the Corp of Observation to provide assistance to Cavenderia should she need our assistance against the dreaded Dey. I believe you are familiar with the commander of said unit, Baron von Blatzberg of Saxe Bearstein. We provide this assistance as a show of our loyalty to civilized society and knowing that our dear cousin would surely rise to the occasion if indeed Beerstein would call.

Wilhelm von Beerstein

“What glorious news”, Geoffrey thought. The combined might of Cavenderia, Beerstein, Mieczyslaw and the Imperial squadron would surely prove to significant an impediment for the Dey. Geoffrey’s smile turned genuine as he thought, “as we recall, since the saber rattling incident near Spilt the Dey’s fleet has managed only a few remote raids along our coast, perhaps this threat was not as great as we had thought.” The Prinz’s valet tapped gently on the door, “Lord a Hussar from Twinj has arrived”, he said in hushed reverence. Geoffrey recalled his uncle’s country estate and his childhood holidays in Twinj, old images of peasants celebrating the Feast of the Conception of Saint Anne, and the courageous riders with their spectacular horses filled his mind http://bizercca.blogspot.com/2008/12/raid-on-twinj.html The Hussar entered, “I bring an invitation from your most humble subjects in Twinj, it is their wish that his lordship Prinz Geoffrey be the guest of honor at this year’s feast”. The Prinz’s words dripped like honey, “We thank our good people of Twinj for this invitation and we shall certainly consider attending.” Geoffrey thought, “Perhaps a holiday is in order.”

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Capt Bill said...

Dear Cousin,
We are pleased our courier arrived safely with the news that military
assistance is on the way. The dreaded Dey must be defeated once and for all. The fate of the empire is in your hands!
Best regards,
Wilhelm von Beerstein