Friday, December 5, 2008

On The Way To Dresden

Narrator: The war between Gallia, Freyberg, The Imperium, Russi and other noble Allies versus the combination of Hesse-Seewald and Britannia has dwindled to the small war, the kleine krieg. We are now in a moment of outposts and screens covering magazines and the armies about to enter winter quarters. For some reason unbeknownst to this narrator, two such screens appear to desire a final coup - near Bettendorf near the Harz Mountains, Germania. Be that as it may we also find Lady Diana Pettygree on her cheerful way to Dresden to attend a winter concert and other festivities there. For now - just December - Dresden is declared an open city and the Prussian occupation forces have stood down. Meanwhile the antithesis of Lady Diana is near and....
Lady Cherish Masquerade: "Oh Diana, this is very merry here in the Harz. Do you see the snow on the pines, on the fields, the frosty Harz River and the Apfel Stream are all such delights. Happiness and contentment. Do you see the newly forming ice there beside the bridge --- there in the mist? [Cherish points]

Lady Diana Pettygree: [She turns astride her strong mare Lightning to look. Pulling her hat down over long coal black luxurious hair, wearing her Carabinier riding habit accented in light pink she does indeed see the mist. She blinks, leans forward, cranes her neck graced with the "blue diamond" and sees....

Lady Cherish Masquerade: " mist... It is the apparition or...."

Lady Diana Pettygree: "I see her. She beckons. Let us ride to hear her words. The Old Woman calls me again. She is my fate - my destiny - my protectress from I know not where."

Narrator: They ride to hear her words.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, yes, the return of my favorite character . . . the Old Woman . . . what will happen next?

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...

And speaking of the Pettygree family . . . when will we have another chapter in the General William Augustus Pettygree?

-- Jeff

Gallia said...

Hello Jeff,
Merci. Merci!
Some newer members here may not know of the personalities. If anyone interested wants to go back search for Pettygree, masquerade, That Old Woman, etc.
The battle was fought a week plus ago, photos taken, selected and captions are being composed. All should be uploaded after tomorrow's 12/06/08 SYW Battle of Bettendorf. I'm hoping to finish all the uploads Sunday night 12/07/08 CST. If you are up late you might be one of the first to see the remarkable events at the battle of Tranjapour. It is extraordinary that every time the Imperials are in a fight, I am anxious for them - a necessary component of colonial tabletop gaming - a tension of sorts. Has to be there....

Votre Serviteur,

Frankfurter said...

I'm working on the write up,
but there was a Kliene Krieg event at Scharpsburg ... involving three brigades on a side. The Frankfurters prevailed (I made my wife use my dice), but no pictures.
ON the other hand, there will be a Parse in Review posted soon on my blog if all go well...

abdul666 said...

Monte-Cristan agents are generally masters of disguise... But NO, this one is definitively not ours.

And how she escapes our trackers is not only irritating but slightly worrying. Hoping to learn more!