Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hesse Seewald Exchanges Ambassadors

Baron von Doppelganger (left) and Graf von Trapp (left). Foundry figures from the Prussian (left) and Russian (right) figure ranges. The Russian officer is painted as an Austrian, while the Prussian officer is painted as an officer of the Hesse Seewald Royal Foresters Regiment. (click pix to enlarge)

The Herzog Georg Ludwig von Hesse Seewald hearby announces that he is desireous of establishing diplomatic relations with Cavendaria. The Court of the Herzog will be sending Baron Hans Christian von Doppelganger to the Court of Cavendaria as its ambassador, after the Holiday Season is completed. A portrait of Baron von Doppelganger will be appended to this message within 24 hours.


Prinz Geoffrey said...

What a great Christmas treat to read on this most wonderful season that such an esteemed colleague in the civilized nations would deem to dispatch an ambassador to our court. We will look forward to introducing ourselves to this representative of the powerful Hesse-Seewald and giving him a heart-felt welcome to the Cavenderian coast.

abdul666 said...

With so good-looking diplomats Hesse-Seewald will become even more popular in Courts and Capitols.

An enjoyable opportunity to discover a'proper' Hesse-Sewalder uniform, btw.