Thursday, December 18, 2008

A fragment of a letter found torn into a hundred pieces on the body of a courier on the borders of Saschen -Vindow

Dearest Ludwig,
I send yet another letter urging that you acknowledge my devotion. You and I are like acendent stars,like soul mates ever meant to be together...

Your ever loving Duchess...

write soon vile one!


Herzog Ignaz said...

Prinz Friedrich cast down the dispatch with disgust.

"She could at least vary the text of her appeals the tiniest bit." he snarled as he cast his own, but lately received, letter from the Duchess of Sachsen-Vindow from its resting place on his campaign desk into the fireplace.

"When has an antique trifle like an engagement ever been a bar to the consummation of a worthy nefarious scheme?"

Stagonian Jeff said...

Warning! Interfering with mail intended for our illustrious Koenig Ludwig of Stagonia may result in military action.

Compensation may be delivered by young maidens (who will not be returned whole).

abdul666 said...

Monte-Cristo acknowledges equals rights to women and men -including that of scheming.

Then, that this letter could at all be found reveals sloppy workmanship at underling level: revulsing to Monte-Cristans, who see themselves as learned aficionados (and even more -das) of this kind of trade.