Monday, December 3, 2007

The Vatican again

Come in ,come in Brother Benedict! You are most welcome and please take a seat here by the fire - these nights are cold even here. I would imagine that your homeland Schwartz Wald See is even colder! Yes your Grace it is indeed cold back home , and thank you for the seat. Now what service can I be to you? Well Brother Benedict , I am keen to hear more of your homeland . I am more than willing to oblige - it is a beautiful land of lakes and forests. The lakes are deep and dark and the forests darker still . At this season it is covered in snow and ice. Not even the wolves stir. We huddle in the towns and Abbeys ,tell stories and wait for Midwinter and the natal feast of Our Lord. I miss it much excellency. Thank you Brother Benedict. Now answer me one more question - why can I have no map of your Homeland where ever I look?
There are no maps of Schwartz Wald See save those in the hands of our Army and only in the Winter Quarters with General Count von Schafhusen. Brother Benedict would you like an opportunity to return home ? Would you show your Homeland to us? Yes , yes I would be delighted. That is all for now Brother , I will make arrangements and please await my summons soon.

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