Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Von Bergman has been reunited with the fellow officers who sailed with them from Shetland. The group return with a Treaty of Mutual Aid in Times of War ( signed betwixt the Duchy and the Dual Monarchy) as well as equipment to allow a ski company to be formed in Tradgardland. The men are relieved to be returning to the Duchy in time for the Jul celebrations.
As they board the Dansk vessel which will return them to Althavn they are prepared to exchange tales and experiences as well as take the time to check ski equipment prior to arrival . The voyage will indeed be busy.

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abdul666 said...

A skiers company? A challenge (modelling-wise), probably not worthy of the effort as it would turn out only in very special circumstances. Now, *without the skis *, would provide an original type of light foot. Norway had both ‘Skiløpers’ and ‘Fyrrørs’: in Tradgarland service the Rangers from Ny Tradgarland (including their allied Indians) would play the part of the ‘Fyrrørs’.

Then (and despite its geographical location on the Turkish border), from what we saw of it, at least the upper class in Togaras is culturally related to the Poland - Lithuania Commonwealth. Would have kept privilegied relationships with the ‘Mother Country’, from family ties to subtle clerical links if some parishes or monestaries were founded by Polish missionaries. Then it would not be unlikely that, following the political turnmoil in the Banat, exiles travelled North and eventually seek employment in the Tradgarlander army…