Saturday, December 8, 2007

l'Prince de Charade and the Frankzonians

Narrator: As the patient reader will hopefully recall, a delegation from Frankzonia arrived unexpectedly at the offices of the Gallian Foreign Minister, l'Prince de Charade in Versailles. Their purpose, we know not. Suffice to say the delegation was resplendently dressed as befitting an age when people dressed well, beautifully and harmoniously out of proper respect for others and themselves, a practice now lost to cruel radical individualism and the excessive pursuit of comfort, brazen exposure and ugliness. So it was then that the Prince excused himself to shed his travelling garments to dress more properly for his guests as we learn from....
Frankzonian Lady Minerva: "Oh Charlotte, he, I mean, l' Prince de Charade, enters the room again. See his highly polished blackened shoes with red heels and gilt buckles, the fine white silk stockings, royal blue breeches, heavily gilt laden scarlet waistcoat, the laced cuffs extending beyond the wrist, a cool velvet white neck cloth and his finely curled white wig. The Ordre of Ste. Louis is pinned to his royal blue sash. He strides confidently to our Emissary, nodding to the left and right acknowledging our people."

Lady Charlotte: "His smile Minerva. It is genuine - not false like so many of the wretched diplomats we see back at Frankfurt Am Main when they come to call. His bearing exudes polished politeness, confidence and an utter absence of superciliousness. Even his servant Bernard following behind is of interest to me. Do you suppose he is an Aide de Camp of a higher state than servant?"

Lady Minerva: "Oh Charlotte, I can't say but I see what you mean. Ah, but now the Prince nears our Emissary. The two bow and begin to speak."

Charade: "I am deeply honoured Sir by the gift of your visit to Gallia. I hope our refreshments were satisfactory and the delay not too long while I prepared to meet you. Allow me to offer you a chair by the fire beneath the painting of Marshall de Saxe's victory at Fontenoy from the last war. It covers the whole wall there from floor to ceiling."

Charlotte: "Do you suppose we could go closer Minerva? No? I thought not. Well ... we can imagine their discourse I suppose from what we know."

Charade: "Sir, allow me to pour some tolerable wine for you. Chevert wine. I believe you know the General. From his vineyard you know. Yes, I thought so since he passed through Frankfurt Am Main several times in the past two years. I regret the necessity of that but given the designs of Hesse-Seewald and Britannia in your region, well, the needs of the state and Central Germania were of importance, great importance for many of us. Indeed the threat to the King's brother in law, Prinz Wilhelm of Saxe-Raschstein [Saxony] were particularly grievous and now half of his country is lost to the Marquis of Brandeburg. Frederick I mean."

Minerva: [Inching closer to the two seated men.] "Come Charlotte, we could walk about the room admiring the paintings. Shall we dare to come closer to the Fontenoy painting, but .... See the gentlemen sit back in their chairs holding their faceted crystal glassware. Light from the fire reflects and illuminates the wine curiously and ... do you suppose I make too much of it Charlotte?"

Charlotte: " My dear, you go on and dare too much. Stop."

Minerva: "Hush, hush sweet Charlotte."

Charade: "Another glass Sir? Allow me to toast your country and the beautiful ladies there by the edge of the Fontenoy painting. To Frankzonia and frank conversation. [The two drink and nod approvingly. A pause.] How may I help you? A diplomatic note I believe?"

Narrator: The scene is set. The gentlemen are relaxed and about to speak while the ladies hover ever closer to observe the particular artistic qualities of the Fontenoy painting. Bernard stands by Charade's chair ever vigilant to the needs of duty.


Bluebear Jeff said...

And so we await the rest of the conversation.

-- Jeff

CresceNet said...
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Gallia said...

Is that you Jeff?
Is the previous entry from crescenet part of this BLOG group?
If yes, it needs to be in English or translated by crescenet.
If no should it be deleted or ? IF that is the case delete this email too asking about it please.
I'm guessing it is in Portugese only because Brazil appears in the text.

Bluebear Jeff said...


No, it was not from a group member.

However, we do allow comments by non-group members (that is one way a number have requested joining the group).

I don't always read all comments however. So, in the future if you would like a comment deleted, please email me at . . .

-- Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

I had to remove a snide comment on my site today and noticed a rather disparaging remark about the painted figures at the Kingdom of Lederhosen site. I'm wondering if someone is doing a 'drive by' negative commentary on all of our sites? I'd be curious to find out if others in our realm are experiencing similar messages.

Gallia said...

Thanks Jeff,
I did not realize non-members could post. If someone wants to write in a non-English language, I think that is okay as long as it is translated as well.
Kind Regards,