Friday, December 14, 2007


as most may know,
I've been rather kaboshed medically of late.
Recovery is proceeding, but this is the first day I've been able to sit up long enough to enjoy our blog ...
At Tipple Bruder, I may have to return to the 12 figure battalion ... as it's easier to keep the battle field proper on the bed that way ...
But we're hoping to resume next week with a full board (and this will permit me to paint some more artillery meanwhile).
Sorry about these d*****d delays!


David von Tippelbruder said...

Never mind, Arthur - get well as soon as you can and don't worry about the battle until then. Hope the animals are OK too - has your dog turned up yet?

Best wishes for a speedy recovery,


tradgardmastare said...

All the best for continued moves to good health!

abdul666 said...

get well!
Get well and *then* you'll enjoy the battle.

Best wishes,

Bluebear Jeff said...


I'm glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better . . . but please don't push it. Get well. We can wait.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Agreed. No need to apologize. Just get well!

MurdocK said...

REAL LIFE comes first.

LIFE being the important part of that phrase.

Recover first, play later.

Frankfurter said...

Alas, the neighborhood consensus is that Russel was stolen along with a very young and quite friendly pit bull ... such things happen from time to time around here, and are one of the big reasons I want to move off the road!
May God have mercy.
However, the white cat has come back in, only precious Thorndyke is still wild ... (saw him again yesterday, very frustrating, but I understand that this happens with adult cats from time to time and nobody is quite sure why).

Frankfurter said...

As for the battle, the site we're going to hit is on the map sent out ... on the east (bottom) side of the river, between that creek branch and the highway ....
the light troops forced Stagonia to reveal its forces to cross the creek, so some of the Alliance forces are still "hidden" (cards flipped face down only).
I decided there would have to be a farm road serving the area, and it would represent the core of reliable land ... and I placed a church in the fields and an inn on the highway as focal points.
At that scale, the whole battle fits easily onto a large mat board, as the cleared area is only about one kilometer or so wide ...

Snickering Corpses said...

I am so sorry to hear about Russel, Arthur, though glad to hear that you're doing better yourself. Keep taking good care of yourself.

Take less good care of the vile Stagonians ;)

David von Tippelbruder said...

Yes, I'm so sorry to hear about Russel too - and the other dog. Hope you are feeling somewhat better, Arthur.