Wednesday, December 12, 2007

About the Philosophical Society of Daisy and the Grand Duchy of Gerolstein

Will the Grand Duchy join us? According to the Transactions of the Philosophical Society of Daisy (located in Saxe-Burlap und Schleswig-Beerstein), the throne is practically vacant, in that the Grand Duchess is in dire need of an enterprising Regent.
Louys of Monte-Cristo feels too old (and, chiefly, too lazy) to compete for the office.
-main: excerpt # 8949 of the Journal of the Society;

-ancillary: excerpts #8988, 8991, 9002.

Edgar Allan Lovecraft de Dunwitch et Innsmouth, Permanent Secretary of the Monte-Cristan Academy of Sciences


abdul666 said...

Oddly enough, among the ‘Sport of Armchair Kings’ Countries from litterary (in the widest sense) sources, GEROL{D}STEIN is never quoted.

OK, under one spelling it *is* a real country, but the variant spelling is 'canonical' for Offenbach's creation.

And then, a Country ruled by a Grande Duchesse *extremely fond* of handsome men in glamorous uniforms may have an interesting potential as a Lace War-gaming {Imagi-}Nation of ‘our’ Urope?

Who shall take up the challenge?

Frankfurter said...

* Brig. Hilligekine Brattmann: (0) a young athlete, got command via family connections.
Actually, he survived a vile Stagonian ambush on the convoy and was able to bring timely warning to the forces near Offenbach, for which reason he was promoted to Brigadier. However, his family seems to have links (Hey, it's Frankszonia, okay) to several prominent families in Germany and Italy ...
He's bright, eager, energetic, university trained, and a perpetual nuisa ... ah ... influence in the Frankszonian court ...

abdul666 said...

Lord Ambrose:
"* Brig. Hilligekine Brattmann..."

Does he know that to compete he would have to (rebuilt) Gerolstein almost from scratch (litteraly) -far more than Potemkin ever had (will have?) to do- and travel to Saxe-Burlap und Schleswig-Beerstein to submit his proposal?

Then if he feels tempted, as a change from the Frankzonian / Frankfurter atmosphere... ?

Cheers & best wishes,

Frankfurter said...

From le Comte d'Beauphaup:
The young Brigadier is quite ready and confident. Like most children, he's supremely sure that he's capable of super achievements (though, the Duchess may be interested in why his mother gave him a name which means "holy cow").
Like most university trained blithering idiots, he's positive he knows to do anything.
Interestingly, due to the mercantile nature of our Duchy, he is quite capable and creative in such entrepreneurial activities, having financed most of his promotions himself!
On this case, his family "connections" would be most interested in establishing an ... ah ... legitimate status in the peerage ...
L. Comte d'Beauphaup

ps, is there an extant map of the environs etc.?

Frankfurter said...

I'n trying to remember...
isn't Saxe Burlap etc. under the Princess Trixie?
Who's the generator of the country, and prior entries on Daisy or Old School wargaming?

Pink Elephants are Beasts of Bourbon ....

abdul666 said...

Otto launched a 'competition' of a kind among Lace Wars Imagi-Nations. The numbers refer to the n° of the most relevant messages on SOCDAISY.

Sorry for Russel -by personal & very recent experience I can imagine how you feel. Yet, as cruel as uncertainty may be, if stolen he may still be alive and treated well?

Best wishes,

abdul666 said...

Finally ‘littlejohn’ took up the gauntlet (with «Grolstein»!).