Wednesday, December 5, 2007

In Norroway........

Gruber turned to his host, Kaptain Janessson, and asked " Tell me more of these competitions we are to train for. We are indebted to you for this chance to learn of the Seasonal Art of War. More so for this fine ale and good company!"

Kaptain Janessson replied -"In 1743, the ski companies arranged their first ski competitions. . There were four different disciplines, and any citizen can enter the competition. The rules are:
1st Class: 2 prizes of 20 Rigsdaler for those who on a mediocre downhill and after a full run can fire their gun and best hit a target at 40 to 50 pace distance.
2nd Class: 4 prizes of 10 Rigsdaler for those who on a hill grown with trees can throw themselves between the trees without being hindered by the fall or breaking the skies.
3rd Class: 6 prizes of 4 Rigsdaler for those who, without falling or riding on the ski stick, can run down the largest hill without falling.
4th Class: 8 prizes of 2 Rigsdaler for those who on flat ground fastest can run a 1/4 mile with full uniform and the gun over the shoulder, that under good conditions should be done in less than 10 minutes. "

" Well my dear Kaptain you have set us a challenge - we will begin tomorrow and may the day be bright and fair!" Gruber replied with a smile of anticipation upon his face ....

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