Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tippelbruder Update


I got an email from Arthur. Without going into details, his heath is slowly getting a little bit better -- but he doesn't expect to be able to game out the battle until after Christmas (and I suspect that it might be after the New Year). He still can't sit up for very long.

I know that we all wish him a good recovery -- and can willingly wait for the battle until his health is more stable.

Get well, Arthur!

-- Jeff


David von Tippelbruder said...

Good to hear Arthur's getting better. The battle can wait - I'm sure the inhabitants of Tippelbruder will be relieved that their fate (good or bad) is delayed yet awhile.

All the best to Arthur and his wife and the animals for Xmas and the New Year,


MurdocK said...

Hear Hear!

A hearty get well soon for Arthur and his household.

tradgardmastare said...

All the best Arthur - I hope you continue to move forward and we look forward to having you back soon.

abdul666 said...

A. has to get, not only better, but really well. That's the first, the only important ojective.

It's a *hobby*, not a work!

Best wishes, A.!


A J Matthews said...

Best wishes to Arthur and his family for Christmas and the New Year. Get well soon!