Monday, December 17, 2007

The Muster takes place ...

The Gallant and fit members of the Edinburgh Town Guard muster upon the Meadows. No Jacobite Army could defeat such warriors. They are armed and ready!

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Gallia said...

At Edinburgh Parade Ground

Militiaman Robert: "Aye, tis Christmastime and those braided fools call us out again fer drill and nonsense!"

Militiaman Duncan "Aye! Vexed I am as well and do I know why? I do! The Pretender is the alarm once more. Me father told me about him when I was a wee child. More foolishness of Kings, Queens, Gallians and Lord Fopingtons to make misery. I say, so what. Makes no difference to our daily lives."

Sergeant Quincannon: "SILENCE in the ranks there!" [He pulls his cloak tighter against the cruel wintry wind and blowing snow as he walks down the line of shivering men. He silently tells himself this is madness. These men will not stay if the Prince comes. Half may be his supporters. Others don't care. Still, duty calls.]

Militiaman Robert: "What chance do we stand agin the Higland charge with this ol' vile musket and three rounds only?"

Militiaman Duncan: "Aye."