Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Saxe-Bearstein Mourns

Furst Bruno von Ursa is mourning the news that his second son, Brigadier Prinz Gunther von Ursa has been slain during the recent battle of Fraudorf.

The Prinz was leading the von Schlitz battalion in an double-envelopment of two Norden battalions when he was shot in the back at extreme range by members of the newly-arrived Musk Oxen battalion.

The artwork at left shows the slain Prinz fallen near the top of the painting (indicating that he was near to Heaven) right next to the survivors of the von Schlitz Battalion just as one of Maj. Gen. Otto von Lager's aides-de-camp rides to recover the body (as another aide offers a soon-accepted cease-fire so that the dead and wounded could be properly tended to.

After the official mourning period, more details of this battle and the fall of Prinz Gunther will undoubtedly become available through the normal Saxe-Bearstein channels.


tidders said...

The Kingdom of Wittenberg sends its condolences on hearing of the death of Prinz Gunther von Ursa at the Battle of Fraudorf.

Count Hermann of Munster,
on behalf of King Leopold Iv of WIttenberg.

Snickering Corpses said...

The Fürst and Fürstin of Hesse-Engelburg send their deepest condolences to their esteemed friends of Saxe-Bearstein on the death of their son.

Bishop Ulrich Frankel will be holding a special honorarium service at Conradstadt Cathedral to honor the fallen.

Frankfurter said...

L'comte d' Beauphaup,
On behalf of the Hurtshog von Frankfurter ....
With all noble houses, we must mourn the loss of such a promising young prince. Alas, such good men who are truly brave are only rarely protected by the fickle hands of fortune.

(ps: did you mount your figures on those window suction cups?)

Snickering Corpses said...

Deepest condolences to suction cups. I can't help it, I'm chuckling now.