Monday, December 3, 2007

Colusions interupt us at Tipplebruder .....

The game had begun, the Stagonians were advancing in close knit force to break apart the Alliance (whom I foolishly permitted to have all five of my chevaux au frise pieces, playing with one's wife has unforeseen hazards); when the storm caused problems with the lighting. Koenig's Krieg games are in two parts, the first part involves "hidden" movement using cards instead of figures until the forces close into contact. So, no pictures yet. Game resumes on Wednesday, health permitting.
I'd thought I'd managed to get into a position where even my wife's incredible dice luck couldn't save her .... but, she's got the first initiative role and a battalion flanking my front three! I don't know that she'll spend the battalion (after all, it's dog meat on the next turn if it does attack), but it could stop the breakthrough long enough for the reinforcements to form a solid line ..... I haven't pointed this out to her yet, so hopefully she'll do something else with the roll ...
This post will be deleted when the game is finished.
For those following the battle thread, the Stagonians did decide to advance on the flood plain, their sabotage of the flood gates is successful and the ground is probably firm enough for their cavalry superiority to tell ....


Bluebear Jeff said...

Now a half-dozen nations are desperately waiting for news of this fight.

Stay healthy. Take pictures. Write about how the Alliance stomps the vile Stagonians (if that happens).

Or praise our courage against insurmountable odds and Stagonian foulness (if the worst occurs).

DO NOT praise that scum that infests the kingdom to the west of us, since I am confident that there is no way that they deserve it (even if they win).

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

David said...

As Jeff says... Although I'm finding the tension rather hard to bear at the moment - quite a lot hinges on this battle for us Tipplebruderans. Gulp.

May the right prevail!


Bluebear Jeff said...


Did you get to play out the battle?

-- Jeff