Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve - Scotland 1757

On Shetland the small pox has receded since the vaccinations took place. The Morale is higher than it has been. Mass was heard, a cooked meal prepared and enjoyed. The men settle to their posts dreaming of the Duchy and their families. It is a quiet night under the stars here too - as it should be on Christmas Eve.

In Edinburgh the Town Guard are leaving the High Kirk of St Giles after the Watch Night Service. They have been stood down- the Jacobite menace has at least passed for the present moment. The men and officers will return to the New Town , to their elegant houses, to drink and talk the night away. It is braw to be in Auld Reekie on Christmas Eve.

Deep in the secluded Glen Frey, where the Eagles fly, the Jacobites have made camp for the festive season. The huddle in crofts and in hastily made shelters under the trees . The french are singing songs of their homeland around the campfires whilst the highlanders dance to the sound of bagpipes. The Officers gather behind the blue door of a croft and toast victory in peat flavoured whiskey. The Christmas feelings of companionship pervade the encampment and the thoughts of battle are left for future days to come . Under the dark skies all is as it should be upon Christmas Eve

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Der Alte Fritz said...

The Duke of Caledonia is busy organizing the government troops around Sterling in anticipation of the Jacobite moving south in the Spring.