Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Action at Zollamtstadt. . .

The corps of observation belonging to the Grand Duchy of Stollen has been wrested from Zollamtstadt by the Army of Zichenau under General Philip de Latte. A short by sharp action this afternoon inflicted heavy losses on General von Drosselmaier's smaller force, which limped from the field and was seen heading north along the postroad to Krankenstadt. General de Latte now controls the key bridge and highway into Stollen. He has occupied Zollamtstadt and will use that town as a staging area from which to launch a proper invasion once warmer summer weather arrives. For a more complete account, see:

Exactly how this development will affect the balance of power, politics, and finances within imaginary 18th century Europe remains to be seen. However, Zichenau's Princess Antonia is rumored to be exploring all possible avenues as she schemes to undermine Stollen and its ruler, Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II, in her quest to regain the long disputed border region that is currently under Stollenian rule.


Der Alte Fritz said...

What a treat to finally be able to see your armies on the tabletop (or floor, as the case may be) in all of their splendor. They are spectacular to look at and are matched by equally delightful terrain. This is a real labor of love, as far as I can tell. Congratulations Stokes, well done indeed.

MurdocK said...

At long last the drums of war are heard from our most eastern member of these imagi-nations of Urope.

Looks great Stokes, I'll check your blog now for the juicy bits.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thank you, men!

Best Regards,

Irwin-Amade. . . er, Stokes

abdul666 said...

We *knew* something was afoot, while we were kept regaled with lobster stories. But *this*... Wow!

Congratulations and thanks for sharing!