Monday, April 28, 2008

A letter to Tradgardland

In her study ,Duchess Liv of Tradgardland opened a letter which arrived with a galley today. She read as follows:
Your Graces
Greetings from the Capital of Scotland !
We are soon to engage the enemy - any day now if the intelligence is to be believed. We are confident of the right of our cause and confident we will meet the challenge set before us.
I write to express my gratitude for being allowed to serve the Duchy in ways diverse and discreet for many years now. I pledge my continued loyalty to you both , the Duchy and to the true King of Scotland. I look forward to many years of service continuing.
In the event of my death I have lodged (with a bookseller in the Royal Mile) my manuscript of my Natural History of Tradgardland, along with my memoirs of the campaign and my history of the Apostolic Succession in Tradgardland. I would be obliged if the said manuscripts could be published and any profits be lodged to help provide a library for the Orphans in Nyhavn. Please pray for me as I shall pray for you that in Heaven we may merrily meet.
your servant always
Vonn Bergmann


Gallia said...

Dear Alan,

Excellent letter to the homeland!

I based von Bergmann earlier today. At the moment he decided to be posted with 19 ECW Scots in bonnets I luckily found today for the game on Saturday. This way there are twenty. Should I wind up being on the Britannian side, I'll look out for him. Well, either way I'll look out for him.


tradgardmastare said...

Many thanks for basing our mutual friend - like many I await the game with great interest...