Monday, April 14, 2008

Frankfurt Am Main

Narrator: Tonight we find the Gallian Intendant l'Comte de Bastille in conference with the Frankzonian Herr General Meyer to wit:
Bastille: "Your Sovereign, l'Houertzhaog, ah, do I pronounce it correctly?"

Meyer: "We Monsewer."

Bastille: "Danke. Well, to the point of my request to see you. I've considered your master's inquiry for me to release several 24 pounder siege cannons and engineers, etc. to presumptively resolve a conflict with one of your neighbors. This has weighed heavily on my mind. After due consideration I am of the opinion I should release the cannon but to my sincere regret, duty prevails upon me to pause in my decision. I am after all in charge of this magazine and therefore the safety of the city and the Gallian supplies within. As such I do not have the authority to release our combatants and equipment to a mission outside these walls and the immediate territory."

Meyer: "But..."

Bastille: "I know. I know. Believe me I know. Situations here about are in turbulence and of course should I do anything to weaken the magazine upon which the campaign about to begin so ardently depends, well, my superiors would find me in need of a holiday on a yellow fever ridden isle in the West Indies, I am sure."

Meyer: "I thought you might say that. Please, I beg you, do not fault us for asking. Your Gallians hereabouts are as you well know are honourable with us but the occupation is shall I say out of the natural order of things --- for us --- for us of Frankzonia."

Bastille: "Yes. So in friendship and as a courtesy to your Sovereign and Frankzonia, I will pass along the request to my immediate superior, Marshall Broglie who is now returned to Koblenz with the Main Army. Better still, you may want to consider sending a delegation to the Marshall yourselves. But for now I am unable to release what you want. I can't."

Meyer: "I will advise my Sovereign l'Comte de Bastille and thank you for your consideration. We do understand as men of honour. Gute nacht Herr Intendant."

Bastille: "Adieu."


Frankfurter said...

When Gen Meyer returns to the Hurtshog's court and reports to the Privy council (the guys who can go into the privy with the Hurtshog), certain decisions are made ...
(sorry for the lack of good play scripting, but in horrible rush) ....
One: Gen Ballpark will be dispatched as an honored and respected professional to make the pitch to Gen. Broglie.
Two: Gen. Ballpark will still be kept out of the loop on the Hurtshog's fuller agenda, as hopefully it will not interfere with the Gallian war effort anyway.
Three: there is no decision on whether or not to officially notify Bastille re the level of challenge from the Resistance yet ... hopefully his own agents will keep him abreast without tipping the Hurtshog's hands.
Five: MooseHunter will set up a cell in Hesse Homburg to observe the recalcitrants there and others will keep an eye on the northern routes to prepare for the collision with Limburgerv ...
Six: secret orders are prepared for the more reliable militia units in case of a crisis ...
Seven; a grand concert of Moosart's works should be scheduled now that the tuba works are producing again ....

Frankfurter said...

That evening, as Bastille and his staff linger over supper with their coffee, pipes, and some excellent local potables, the Intendant notices one of the servants glancing his way. Looking closer, he notices that it is the enigmatic Maistre Philippe!
Phillipe gives a quick glance to the kitchen access and takes a tray of dishes out of the room.
Bastille: Ah! This cream tastes like it was skimmed yesterday! I'll go see if we can get some fresher! (exeunt, after Phillipe)
In the murky hallway:
Bastille: So! What's forward?
Phillipe: Perhaps the good duke here has another target than he's said.
Bastille: (frowning, but not surprised) Oh?
Phillipe: Oui. We've confirmed his complaint that the former traitors have obtained commissions from Hesse Homburg.
Bastille: Homburg is merely the finger of the Imperium.
Philippe: Perhaps, but these officers and their units managed to avoid entanglement in the recent collision with Hesse Fedora, no?
Bastille: MM .. hunh.
Philippe: And they've been training their men for forced marches ... and at the close of the march, instead of pitching camp right away, they deploy and go through drills.
Bastille: Ominous.
Philippe: Today, I find that they will be issued three days field rations on the morrow.
Bastille gives Philippe a stern look, Then, quickly turning on his heel, he reenters the dining room. "Gentlemen, if you please?" Though said quietly, the tone of his voice brings instant silence to the room.
"Henri, I want another squadron of dragoons assigned to all convoys in aour area.
"Francios, I want you to take an urgent message to the general near here and Sausan, you'll be riding for General Chevert.
"Charles, at the prison and the depot, I want the guards brought to riot alert status right now.
"Gentlemen, keep calm and do not alarm the townsfolk nor the Frankszonian units north of town.
With a clatter and scraping of chairs and last gulps of wine, the officers disperse to their surprise assignments ....

Frankfurter said...

The following day, a confused captain approaches Bastille. the Captain holds an ornate envelope from which he draws an invitation card, and ask the Intendant what he should respond. The captain says: "It's an invitation to his wife to attend a concert by Moosart of his recently completed works; "D Flat Sonata," and "Pathetic Sympathy" ... with an interlude by those talented amateurs, the Bathos Singers ...."
Bastille takes the card from the bemused officer and tries to make sense of it ....