Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Arthur's Seat , Scotland

A lone figure sits upon the summit of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. He stands out from the grey rock in his resplendent coat of rose coloured material with red cuffs and waistcoat.
Von Bergmann has come up to this place -the highest point in the ancient city of Edinburgh, to think and prepare for his role in the Rising.
With him he has maps of the surrounding land and an eyeglass. Carefully he surveys the land looking at it with the experienced eyes of a tactician .
Breaking his fast he opens the bottle of wine he has with him and enjoys it along with a strong local cheese.
He surveys the beauty of the country spread before him and sees God's hand in Creation. He thinks that apart from the Duchy this is one of the most beautiful places upon earth. His eyes wander to a small figure climbing up the hill . The figure gets nearer and nearer and it becomes obvious that he carries a letter for Von Bergmann........


abdul666 said...

"...bottle of wine he has with him and enjoys it along with a strong local cheese.": does, despite his name (and Catholicism, which seems to exclude any Huguenot ancestry), Von Bergmann happen to have some French blood in his veins?

tradgardmastare said...

No Gallian blood but clearly he has been influenced , for the positive, by his dealings with the good people of Gallia!
Von Bergmann also is very much at home with Karlsberg Ale and pickled herring too- a man of catholic tastes.

Frankfurter said...

My Cherokee ancestors tasted a few Catholics too ... unfortunately, they appear to have been just a migratory herd and moved on ...

tradgardmastare said...

Von Bergmann opens the letter and reads as follows:

My Dear Von Bergmann
I trust this finds you in good health - if it finds you at all! The thoughts and prayers of the whole village of Smegby are sent to you from our Scots in exile over the water.
I remember with joy our discussions regarding natural philosophy and your intention of recording the world around you- I fear you will have had little time recently for the great work. I also convey the greetings of the Duc de Padirac, our fellow Society member, who asks if he and the Legionne can be of service upon your return and if you would be able to supply him with information regarding the flora of the land within which you find yorself.
God Bless you!
Fr MacDonald
Parish priest of Smegby