Monday, April 7, 2008


While all Uropean Courts are feverishly discussing the outrageous messages from the Sublime Porte, it is –oddly– in the Hetzenberger Grand Ducal Counsel that a Monte-Cristan comment just surfaced. The Presipapal (*) Palace being renowned both for the accuracy of its informations and the devious nature of its diplomacy, not only the content, but the ‘why’, are to be cautiously analyzed. So much the more as the Presipality cared to air similar rumours in Monte-Cristo itself, would Hetzenberg choose to keep the matter confidential: *someone* is behind this ‘leak’, and other Powers may be involved.

For short, an ascending ‘New Man’ would be behind the new attitude of Vizier Evidya. One Al’An Dhjargarmasthr or something, but his background, as commented upon yesterday in Monte-Cristo, seems more important than his name. Somehow the Kingdom of the Lys may not be totally innocent…
The possible implication of Neo-Byzantium is also the object of wild speculations.
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(*) A linguist from Princess Trixie's Saxe-Burlap und Schleswig-Beerstein underlined recently that «Presipacy» would have been a far better translation of French ‘Presipaute’ than the now sanctioned by usage ‘Presipality’. The author of the inadequate rendition will have to pay a drink or three to the whole Bureau du Commerce Exterieur.


Frankfurter said...

When I accessed the comment link, it sent me to a very interesting discussion of uniform particulars for the Spanish ...
Since the link form left me ignorant of the true blog, I'm left to ask where it is, and if you'd mind posting this information to Koenig's Krieg??


Frankfurter said...

I was going to say that one needs to consider the worries of the P'Shaw of I Ran or Purses ...
Perhaps an interesting diversion could be created?

abdul666 said...

The link leads to the 11 comments I attached to my own ‘Oversea’ post on the Monte-Cristan blog; as part of my – reader-unfriendly? – practice to use comments to add content to previous posts (« treating most of this blog as a 'directory' with several 'major' posts as so many 'folders', their content increasing by alterations to the main text but mainly by addition of new 'files' in the form of comments »).

By the way, you were too kind to post a direct link to this ‘Oversea’ post on Frankzonia!

Recently most of by ‘elucubrations’ were devoted to a possible journey even more extreme than to Antiglia or Cipango; then as the last ‘comments’ show, I endvisaged that the same ‘change of scenery’ can be obtained without having to travel ‘under other skies’, and without as many implied far-fetched hypotheses. The Imagi-Native Lace Wars World becomes smaller but more consistent.

I’m unable to write good and pleasant personal background for ‘picaresque’ characters, such as you just posted on SocDaisy. The best I can do is to describe fictitious uniforms, such as these you refer to – NOT real ‘creations’, just an impudent / shameless combination of sources. Koenig-Krieg clearly not being SocDaisy, nor OSW, I doubt such imaginary uniforms would be relevant to the group? Perhaps a short note describing the intent, with a link to the post, would be enough?

Best wishes and regards,

Frankfurter said...

I was hoping there was some little hysterical veracity to the yellow coats of colonial Spanish troops.
Ah well, I still plan to paint some yellow coated "cheezers" for myself anyway!
PS ... it helps in creating such characters to have a wife who's a good writer, though I can't get her to go to the labor of submitting her work for commercial publication (sigh)